About Us

Welcome to FarmUp

Who we are

FarmUp was created by LXCoders, a software house specialized in digital optimization of business processes

Our mission

To build a tailor-made and easy to use tool that brings the benefits of process organization and automation to small and medium-sized farms

What we do

We develop technology and automation to maximize yields in agriculture

Why FarmUp?

We developed FarmUp together with small and medium-sized Portuguese farms, who after testing several solutions on the market felt that they were too complex to use, with too many unnecessary configurations and impossible to use for lower-tech workers.

FarmUp is simple to use, yet powerful enough to allow for fast data input, process automation, and comprehensive reporting. Unlike most farming apps on the market that help you with 1 or 2 challenges, FarmUp is tailor-made for berry farming and other small sized vegetable crops.

Our goal is to design a tool for those who are in the field, and need something as simple as pen and paper, even if they don’t have internet. With minimal interaction with the smartphone, you collect a huge variety of information to help automate your business.

Ready to see what FarmUp can do for you?


What we bring to the table:

We are a team of developers and process consultants. Our specialty is listening to our clients and observing their challenges to find solutions from a fresh perspective. We continuously improve our tools until our clients are satisfied.

We don’t use support forms, nor do we use customer support lines. We know that WhatsApp and the phone are very powerful tools that our clients have at hand. We have great response and resolution times, but above all we manage client expectations well and ensure your problem is solved.

Other tools on the market are designed by agricultural engineers, and are great at what they do. FarmUp is an operational management tool designed to eliminate time-consuming paperwork and provide tailor-made analytical tools for small and medium-sized farmers.

We spend days watching field workers using our application and figuring out how we can make it simpler and more robust. After months and evolutions we know we have done something exceptional because our customers have even abandoned paper records.

Companies like Riseberry, Safra de Sabores, Silvestre Sinfonia, Primeberries,  S.A. Bogalheira use FarmUp on a daily basis and the owners themselves have recommended our tools. 

Besides the improvement of the existing modules, we are developing the following modules: Stock Management, Task Recording System (“task reminder”), Alert Assistant in case of forgotten tasks or data, Advanced analytics portal using Artificial Intelligence, Robots for workers registration in the Social Security and Compensation Fund, Digital transportation guide, GLOBAL G.A.P. certification support report, Diesel, Water and Electricity use records, Field notebooks, Batch Management, Photographic records of plant growth.